Introducing A Cookier’s Guide to Pop Up Shops. For the price of 1 dozen medium-intricately decorated cookies…

You will receive a comprehensive cookier pop up shop bundle– an example driven guide that walks you through the process of having a pop up shop, especially if you don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed by all you need to consider.  This guide is targeted toward a United States based audience. I hope you enjoy A Cookier’s Guide to Pop Up Shops!

The bundle contains a 20-page PDF Guide, which discusses: 

  • Expectations and goals for pop ups, including how to deal with fear of no sales and suggestions for what to do with extras, if any.
  • Finding a location, suggestions & how to approach the potential hosts.
  • Various stages of pop up prep- what to do when. From weeks before to day-of activities. Marketing/outreach/networking, payment processing, display design (including examples, links to products), product design, when to bake, how much to bake, design decisions. This is the ONLY TIME I will share the exact specifications of the packaging I use.
  • How to host a porch or home based pop up
  • I divulge everything I have learned about pop ups over the last 3 years and share information regarding my product, process, revenue and pricing choices. It’s very personal.
  • This guide does not discuss legalities (permits and licensing)– this is something you need to do on your own, since it varies by county. The only people who are qualified to give you guidance on this are your local health agencies.

I also include 6 (six) Microsoft Word templates for you to edit and utilize as a part of your pop up shop prep, but also can be used for as a part of your brand experience:

  • Media Kit Template: A simple one-pager to describe who you are as a business/brand, used to introduce yourself to potential pop up hosts
  • Cookie Planning Template: A tool for planning out your options, packaging, quantity, selling price
  • Menu Template: A supplement to your day-of experience and can be used to give your potential visitors/host a preview of your offerings
  • Payment Template: A sheet to print and display on the day of pop up to show people types of payments accepted & what your mobile pay details are
  • Pop Up Checklist Template: A list of things to bring on the day of — no need to rely on memory alone
  • Home/Porch Pop Up Template: A simple list of instructions for clients to follow when they shop at your home

Please note— the templates are very basic and were designed to be easy to edit. You should have basic MS Word skills to use the templates, since I will not be providing technical support. Please make sure you open these files on a computer using a zip file extractor to unzip compressed files.


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