If you want to grow your business and get tips on how to increase sales — this service could be really valuable for you. While voice and video chats are incredibly helpful; sometimes, talking can leave you feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and at a loss for what to prioritize (because there are so many things to do!). This is why I  choose to use a writing oriented approach to cookie consulting — writing forces you to THINK harder and be more methodical than talking alone.  I will analyze your business from various angles: marketing, business management, customer service/experience and product/package design. Based on what you are doing today, I will come up with 3 main things for you to work on that will help you target the right client base and boost sales. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses (and situation based on where you are located!) – so these actions will be catered to YOU. I have been in the decorated cookie business officially since 2015 and have a large and engaged Instagram following. The cottage food portion of my business is at capacity, and now also run a successful teaching business which brings in additional income. I have a strong social media presence and have been on Food Network and Netflix.

How this works:

  1. Purchase this listing– you will gain access to a digital download (link will be emailed to you with your order confirmation) which is a VERY DETAILED (3 page) questionnaire that you have 1 week to complete and return back to me at: with title of email “BB Cookie Critique”. If you need more time, let me know and we can work it out. We need to be practical about this time frame because I don’t want us to lose momentum on the project.
  2. If needed, I will respond with some initial questions within 5 business days of purchase, unless I have travel or some other commitments in which case I will promptly communicate.
  3. Once you’ve answered my questions, give me another week to come up with an action plan for you to execute.

By making this purchase, you understand the following:

  • You agree to not duplicate the questionnaire and resell in any way for your own business.
  • I cannot guarantee sales growth percentages or numbers — this is dependent on how effective you are are implementation

1 review for Cookie Business Critique/Consultation

  1. Jessica G

    If you have concerns about your business, need some guidance, and/or are looking for ways to improve what you’re already doing, this business consult is for you! Lisa is very patient and gives honest responses to the questions you ask. She also gives you realistic goals and solutions, while sharing her personal experience and knowledge. I am so glad to have been able to speak and work with her on my business- hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made to date.

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