Tipless Piping Bags S or M is my favorite way to decorate sugar cookies. Small bags measure approx. 10 inches in length (not diagonal) and medium bags measure approx. 12 inches in length, and can fit significantly more product than Small size. Cut the tip to your preferred size, based on your consistency and preference. Tie the ends or use clips/tape to secure during piping. Little clean up, economical, comfortable. If you’re willing to rinse them out, the plastic can be recycled. These bags are are a tad thicker than Grunderfully Delicious / Truly Mad Plastic brands and have a very tight seam, allowing more precision work and more piping pressure with less bulging.  I currently don’t ship outside of the US, so if you’re international, consider purchasing from one of the suppliers listed in my BLOG POST, where you can also learn how to use tipless piping bags!

Most economical shipping is to purchase 3-6 packs (with no other items) — shipping is USPS Priority and I can fit it into one flat rate bag, and I will REFUND the difference in shipping cost IF APPLICABLE. If you know you’re buying a lot, you can save money by contacting us to apply for our wholesale program.

To receive a 10-pack sample of our bags (size SMALL), please Venmo me $2 @borderlandsbakery — please include your full name and shipping address (double check it for accuracy). I will send you a sample via US letter post (not accountable for loss/damage/delay).


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37 reviews for Tipless Piping Bags S or M (100 pcs)

  1. Kacee (verified owner)

    These piping bags are my favorite of all that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried ALMOST everything out there!). They are incredibly sturdy, and I love the size options. I’ve never had one burst on me, even when I’m using super stiff icing for flowers. That’s not the case with other icing bags I’ve used. Also, packages are out the door super fast! Love these bags!!

  2. Michaela

    I use both sizes for royal icing as well as piping merengues, batter, pretty much anything I can think to use them for -they’re perfect! Never have had one bust, they are super sturdy. Highly recommend.

  3. Angela B. (verified owner)

    These are the only bags you will ever buy once your try these! The quality is outstanding, no bulging and no icing blowouts ever again! They are thicker than the average tipless bag making them much more durable and user friendly without being bulky. You will not be disappointed in these!

  4. Allison Hall (verified owner)

    AMAZING piping bags. They are super sturdy but also very flexible. Perfect material. My only complaint if I had to have one is I wish they also came in large options. When I’m making large orders I have to use 2-3 medium bags per color. Not a huge deal and the quality makes up for it. I will buy these bags 100 times over. Lisa & Borderlands are top of the line in all aspects.

  5. Amanda

    These bags are amazing and so sturdy! I love using them because I am confident they won’t break with the pressure piping I do. I definitely recommend!!

  6. Isa Moana

    Love these! Incredibly sturdy bags with no stretching. Perfect for stiffer icing!

  7. Lindsey (verified owner)

    My favorite piping bags, sturdy but easy to work with. Go ahead and pick up some bag clips in your order so you can easily adjust as you empty the bag.

  8. Stacy

    I love these tipless bags! I use the medium size for piping macarons and the small bags for fillings. They are the perfect size for what I need, much thicker and more reliable than other brands I’ve tried.

  9. Marina Y (verified owner)

    I love the feel of these in my hand! I’d describe it as luxurious. ? These bags are amazingly sturdy, and great for all consistencies of icing. I use them to pipe macaron batter as well. I’ve never had a bag split or pop! Although they are tipless bags, I’ve used them both with and without tips. Truly a great product!

  10. Rose Linda Moystner (verified owner)

    My go to bags. I’ve given away the other brand bags I had once I found these. Perfect!! ??

  11. Thatsnotfaircookies (verified owner)

    These bags are amazing. I’m kind of new to this cookie game, but have tried 5 or 6 different brands; trying to find the right ones for me. These are it. An experienced cookier suggested these and I am so grateful. I’m on my second batch of 100 and they are perfect. The feel and grip of the bags are exactly what I need and the tutorial on how to use piping bags (thank you Borderlands for your YouTube channel!) helped as well.

  12. Peggy (verified owner)

    Great bags. They’re quite thick (in a good way) and are smooth instead of textured. I love the feel of them. They don’t bulge or tear on the seams. Perfect for royal icing or buttercream.

  13. Shari (verified owner)

    These piping bags are very sturdy and high quality. You’ll never have to worry about the seams busting because the bags are very well made.

  14. Melanie P. (verified owner)

    These piping bags are the best. I used to regularly pop icing bags when decorating. I have not popped or even gotten stretch mark on a bag since I switched to Borderlands bags! I highly recommend them!

  15. Nicci

    Love these bags! I’ve tried several tipless bags and these are by far the best! I like to use tips and because these are a little thicker they hold up better than most, but are still comfortable in my hand!! LOVE!

  16. Shawna Penny (verified owner)

    The best bags anyone can buy. I have tried many bags and they either pop, break the seam or stretch out to the point of no return. Borderlands bags are by the far the strongest and can be used with or without tips.

  17. Aileen Nguyen

    Love these piping bags! Super durable and versatile – you can use them with or without tips and they will withstand any amount of pressure even from the thickest icing. Definitely recommend!

  18. Jess (verified owner)

    These piping bags are the best I have used by far! Absolutely wont be using anything else now, so happy to have found them!

  19. Sanny L (verified owner)

    Strongest bags for the best price! I have a very tight grip and have stretched out bags from other brands but these bags have held up just fine for me. I used to only use these for writing consistency and for macarons but lately I’ve been using them for all icing consistencies because they work the best for me! Absolutely love these!!!

  20. Jackie (verified owner)

    I have tried quite a few bags and these are by far my favorite! They snipe nicely to get a nice round tip for icing cookies and lettering. They are very sturdy for those of us that squeeze the bag too hard.

  21. Lynn Harris (verified owner)

    These are the ONLY tipless bags I’ll ever use again! They allow for accurate details and are sturdy enough to handle squeezing royal icing and buttercream frosting.

  22. Alexa Benz (verified owner)

    These bags are amazing! I’ve tried others and they are just not as sturdy. These never break and you can use tipless or with tips no problem! I LOVE the size options too! Im so happy I found these because I’ll never look back.

  23. Taylor Sakinsky (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many brands of tipless bags and these are the only ones I can trust! Perfect and sturdy. And you can use them with tips if needed also!

  24. Dora Jane Desserts

    I love Borderland bags! I’ve tried others, but these are sturdy. I even use them with thick consistency icing and I have never had one burst at the seams. Definitely a must buy.

  25. MARIA Lujan

    Best piping bags ever! Sturdy yet flexible enough to hold comfortably. Only bags I use for my cookie decorating. Recently used them with a “Russian” tip to frost cupcakes with Italian buttercream and they held up great! Never had one burst or stretch to the “danger of exploding” zone.

  26. Delinda Thomas

    I have used several different piping bags and these are by far my absolute favorite. I have not had an icing blowout to clean up since I started exclusively using Borderlands Bakery bags!

  27. Andrea

    By far the best! I’ve tried 10-15 types and these are the most sturdy. Not a thick bag but tougher than all the ones I’ve tried. Does not bust on the seam. Love that it’s thin and light weight.

  28. Christina Barron (verified owner)

    LOVE these bags. I’ve never had one break, I’ve never had to throw one out because it had a bad seam, they cut perfectly, and they are the size I need.

  29. Junieht Garcia

    THE best bags EVER. I’ve tried many. I have unopened bags from other places that I refuse to use because I have these from Borderlands. Thick or thin icing, these are my go to! Love love love the quality.

  30. Janel

    These bags are so incredibly sturdy! They’re easy to work with especially if you’re doing tipless icing. I’ve used both sizes and really love the medium.

  31. Melanie (verified owner)

    These bags are the first bags I ever purchased and I am so grateful for how amazing they are! I have both small and medium sized bags. These bags are a must and so are the bag clips!

  32. Hannah (verified owner)

    Great quality for a great price! I have never had a bag bust and they are perfect for tip less piping.

  33. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Seriously the only piping bags I use! I am newer to the cookie game, so I have had a different bag explode before but not these ones!!! They are durable and a great price. I highly recommend!!

  34. Jamie Galyen (verified owner)

    I have tried many different tipless piping bags and Borderlands have passed the test and are now the ONLY ones I use!! They are strong enough to withstand pressure during icing and do not expand or bust open! These are the absolute best out there!!

  35. Jacqueline Venishel (verified owner)

    These bags are the only ones I will use! Love everything I get from Lisa!! Will be ordering again soon.

  36. Emily – Sunflourcookies22 (verified owner)

    I have bought bags from all over to try. I use a lot of pressure when making cookies and using tipless bags. These bags are my FAVORITE and I’ve went through hundreds of them! I also appreciate every time how honest you are with your shipping. I have never ended up paying full price. Always a partial refund! I’ve also made sweet and salty cookies plus bought colors and other items. They’re always 100%!!

  37. Liz M (verified owner)

    These bags are hands down the best. They are at a great price point, but are extremely well made. They are the perfect thickness and the 2 size options are great! I used to buy my bags from Amazon because I thought they were the best deal, but actually are the same price and not nearly as well made. I’ve never had a bag pop or rip on me and I do a decent amount of florals. Couldn’t recommend these bags more.

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