You will receive the files for download immediately after purchasing the item via your order confirmation email. Now you can make our French Macaron at home!  PLEASE NOTE– This is a recipe by WEIGHT, not VOLUME. This is CRUCIAL for consistency since volume is not consistent. Read about our recipes HERE.

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File 1: Recipe Caculator (EXCEL FILE) for BASE SHELLS only (we have suggestions in the PDF for how to change up flavors, etc.)
File 2: 5 pages of directions for shells & fillings (PDF)
We’ve adapted our recipe over 5 years in an attempt to create a not-too-sweet-, full shell. Recipe also includes some tips/tricks, including advice on what things are important vs. not, some advice that might be contrary to most recipes you’ve seen around the internet.

You can see short clips of some of our methods by visit our Instagram bio, and hitting the highlight that says “Macaron Tips” — this is free and a great supplement to this recipe!

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By purchasing this recipe, you are agreeing to the following: This is a royalty free recipe & our intellectual property. You are free to make this finished product for sale.  You may not sell or transfer the recipe to someone else. Please refer them to the listing to purchase their own recipe.  Thank you for supporting our small store. Sales of digital items and tools encourages me to continue sharing my knowledge/interacting on platforms like Instagram & my blog.

While I love my recipes and I know many of you do as well, I never say that any recipe is fool proof. There are SO many factors to consider– equipment (baking pans, mats/parchments, oven type, what rack you bake on), method/technique, whether or not you are REALLY following the recipe < the last one is the trickiest– because sometimes we think we’re doing something… but we lack awareness of what we’re actually doing. Use these recipes as a starting point for tweaking them to work for you. Good luck! 

5 reviews for French Macaron & Fillings Recipes by Weight PDF and EXCEL

  1. Sherilyn A. (verified owner)

    This macaron recipe seriously is heaven sent! I have attempted so many other recipes and wasted tons and tons of ingredients already. Knock on wood, but this recipe really is fool-proof. It is just a matter of knowing your own equipment! Thank you so much for continuously sharing your tips & techniques! You’re the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️ If you all haven’t tried it yet, get it right this second! 😉

  2. Little Cookie Co

    Lisa’s recipe is amazing! I love how it includes a calculator so you don’t have to try and get the exact grams of egg whites. You still need to play around a bit as everyone’s environment is different, but they gave me the best results of all the recipes I’ve tried in the beginning. She also has great tips on her Instagram highlights! And not to mention they taste so good. Highly recommend it!

  3. Ninoska Victoria (verified owner)

    Love your recipe Lisa. 4 years trying different (paid) recipes, love the excel sheet. Truly heaven sent.

  4. Tia (verified owner)

    This is an extremely consistent recipe AFTER you yourself play with all of the potential variables that Macarons offer. A clear, concise recipe and an AMAZING excel calculator that does the hard work for you. This recipe is 100% worth buying if you want to master French Macarons either for fun or for profit.

  5. Tina Santos (verified owner)

    True, there is no fool proof recipe, especially when it comes to macaron, believe me I’ve tried A LOT! In the years I’ve been making and experimenting macaron recipes, I thought it’s about time I tried a purchased one that’s not going to break my bank, and boy this recipe definitely did not disappoint. Great job to you Lisa and to your team 🙌🏽.

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