You will receive the file for download immediately after purchasing the item via your order confirmation email. Royal icing traditionally dried to a solid hard crack, since it was originally intended to preserve the item underneath. As our tastes change over time, so has our preferences. This recipe creates a royal icing with a soft bite. This recipe is easy to work with, dries quickly and beautifully. Dried cookies can be packaged and stacked with no issues. Read about our recipes HERE.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Recipe is by WEIGHT (grams), NOT volume (i.e. cups). Please have a kitchen scale ready. Weight measurements ensure accuracy and consistency in baking. 1 cup (volume) measurement can be 90 grams or even up to 120 grams based on how settled your flour is– that’s a huge difference!!
  • This recipe also includes some tips/tricks, including advice on how to make fluffier icing for piping 3D details like flowers

Terms of use 
By purchasing this recipe, you are agreeing to the following: This is a royalty free recipe & our intellectual property. You are free to make this finished product for sale.  You may not sell or transfer the recipe to someone else. Please refer them to the listing to purchase their own recipe.  Thank you for supporting our small store. Sales of digital items and tools encourages me to continue sharing my knowledge/interacting on platforms like Instagram & my blog.


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